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The Kevin Bertram Fan Club
Bertram Performing


Bertram Gets Penalties/Injury 2-15-04
Fanclub Will Be In FW News-Sentinel
Kevin May Join FWFD
Komet Pictures
Fanclub T-shirts
*Kevin out Vs. Richmond
Bertram Scores, Komets Win.
Komets start off slow, but are on a 3 game win streak
Komets murder QC, have important weekend ahead.
*A Kevin Schmidt Fanclub?
Bertram Performing
Preseason Game 1
T-Shirt Update(10/15/03)


Bertram is off to a pretty good start this season, despite the fact that the komets are struggeling.  He has one goal and four assists, and is in the top 3 in PIM.  He has managed to beat up a few people to say the least, and was ejected from the game in Missouri last Wednesday.

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