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The Kevin Bertram Fan Club
T-Shirt Update(10/15/03)


Bertram Gets Penalties/Injury 2-15-04
Fanclub Will Be In FW News-Sentinel
Kevin May Join FWFD
Komet Pictures
Fanclub T-shirts
*Kevin out Vs. Richmond
Bertram Scores, Komets Win.
Komets start off slow, but are on a 3 game win streak
Komets murder QC, have important weekend ahead.
*A Kevin Schmidt Fanclub?
Bertram Performing
Preseason Game 1
T-Shirt Update(10/15/03)


The fanclub T-Shirts should be avaliable on Saturday.  You can get your shirt by coming to sec.226 (top row) on opening night. If you would like your shirt before then, contact the fanclub via e-mail and we will set up a time for you to pick it up, or it can be shipped to you.